About Our Clients

We have worked with our current clients for several years and value the confidence they place in our ability to get their companies noticed and in our ability to positively enhance and influence their growth, while providing timely services that match their specific needs. TRG clients represent strong industry leaders. TRG represents and promotes clients in multiple states and maintains close contact with them through telephone conversations, electronic correspondence, and, if desired, personal visits. Monthly status reports are submitted to clients to measuring and benchmark the effectiveness of their programs. Our clients rely on us to handle the big picture as well as the tiny details. Because we exceed their expectations, we also enjoy strong and continued relationships with our clients, based upon integrity, trust, competence, and even a little fun.

Industry Representation

  • State & Local Government
  • Transportation
  • Bio Sciences
  • Economic Development
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Education